Giants of Wessex

The Heritage Trust

The Marlborough Mound by William Stukeley
A talk by Jim Leary, of English Heritage, entitled Giants of Wessex: Silbury Hill, the Marlborough Mound, and the Hatfield Barrow will take place on the 12 March 2013 from 19:30 at the Salisbury & South Wiltshire Museum. The museum announces that –

Over the last few years the three giant round mounds of Wessex have seen some form of archaeological work. In 2007 and 2008 Silbury Hill was the focus of a multi-million pound project which included opening and retracing the 1968 tunnel into the heart of the Hill. 2010 saw excavations at Marden, one of the largest Neolithic henge monuments in Britain, which provided evidence for the now demolished mound known as the Hatfield Barrow – said to have been as much as 15m tall. Whilst, in the autumn of that year coring work through the Marlborough Mound produced six…

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Anthropology Museum Offers Ability to Adopt an Artifact of Indigenous Cultures

International Museum of Cultures Blog

The International Museum of Cultures (IMC), a unique Anthropology museum in Dallas, allows the public to help preserve artifacts of indigenous cultures from around the world.

Through “Adopting an Artifact,”a patron will become an advocate for ethnic and cultural diversity, thereby furthering the mutual respect and peace between peoples of this world. Adopting an artifact creates an emotional bond between the patron and the artifact, along with the culture of the artifact’s origin.

The IMC recognize the person, family, classroom, or even a business, that adopts an artifact by displaying a small plaque along with the QR code in the museum near their adopted artifact for others to see.

Adoption cost
$250 dollars (tax deductible)

Program Benefits:

  • Receive a limited 3 month membership
  • 15% discount to the gift shop
  • A certificate of adoption
  • A photograph of the artifact
  • Information about the artifact
  • A QR code for smart phones.


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Turkey Makes a Grab for Extant Antiquities

Cultural Property & Archaeology Law

Turkey has recently launched a somewhat successful albeit aggressive campaign to reclaim allegedly looted cultural property. Among the items returned to Turkish officials in the past few months are an ancient sphinx and other golden treasures. As the New York Times Reports, however, some of the world’s largest museums are not happy with Turkey’s recent efforts, and have labeled them as cultural blackmail.

Turkey has recently targeted 18 objects currently housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (“Met”) as part of the Norbert Schimmel collection. In an effort to reclaim the objects, Turkish officials have declared that the Met must prove the provenance of the 18 items in the collection. If the Met fails to do so, Turkey will no longer lend it antiquities. According to Turkey’s director-general of cultural heritage, “We know 100 percent that these objects at the Met are from Anatolia,” “We only want back what…

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