Indiculus superstitionum et paganiarum


Because this little Index almost certain has been prepared by Anglo-Saxon missionaries in Utrecht (Netherlands) the listed misuses not specific Frankish but also Saxon and Frisian.

Nodfyr - a concept known in all cultures

Customs that the church qualified as heathen and sinful and had to be contested were:

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Johannesburg Heathen & Germanic Studies

Metal Gaia

Johannesburg Heathen & Germanic Studies

A Facebook Source for Heathenry and Germanic Lore

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Terry Pratchet Quotes

Quotes, Tunes And Specks Of Whatnot

Terry Pratchett kindly posed with his hat for ...

“What’s a philosopher?’ said Brutha.
Someone who’s bright enough to find a job with no heavy lifting,’ said a voice in his head.”
― Terry Pratchett, Small Gods

“Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one.”
― Terry Pratchett

“Cutangle: While I’m still confused and uncertain, it’s on a much higher plane, d’you see, and at least I know I’m bewildered about the really fundamental and important facts of the universe.
Treatle: I hadn’t looked at it like that, but you’re absolutely right. He’s really pushed back the boundaries of ignorance.
They both savoured the strange warm glow of being much more ignorant than ordinary people, who were only ignorant of ordinary things.”
― Terry Pratchett, Equal Rites

“Some humans would do anything to see if it was possible to do it. If you put a large switch in some cave somewhere, with a sign on it saying ‘End-of-the-World…

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Interesting quotes involving the Norse god Odin

Mikes passing thoughts Blog


“He [Gylfi] saw three thrones one above the other, and there were three men, one sitting in each.  Then he asked what the name of the ruler was.  The man who had brought him in replied that the one that sat in the lowest throne was king and was called High, next to him the one called Just-as-high, and the one sitting at the top was called Third [these three names happen to be different names for Odin suggesting that the three men were, in fact, Odin himself].”

Gangleri:  “Who is the highest and most ancient of all gods?”  High said:  “He is called All-father in our language, but in Old Asgard he had twelve names:

  1. All-father
  2. Herran or Herian
  3. Nikar or Hnikar
  4. Nikuz or Hnikud
  5. Fiolnir
  6. Oski
  7. Omi
  8. Biflidi or Biflindi
  9. Svidar
  10. Svidrir
  11. Vidrir
  12. Ialg or Ialk”

Gangleri:  “Where is this god, what power has he…

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Poets and Profs ~ Homer as Slam Poetry


Owen Cramer mentioned this article in UChicago Magazine yesterday on the Classics list … here’s the incipit:

For Mark Eleveld, MLA’10, and Ron Maruszak, MLA’10, the realization was inescapable: Homer, the blind bard, ancient Greece’s greatest poet, whose epics on the Trojan War and its aftermath founded the Western canon and influenced 3,000 years of literature, was, basically, a slam poet. What else to call a man—a showman and writer—who made his living turning poetry into entertainment, who traveled from town to town performing memorized verses before crowds of listeners? “I imagine that if Homer was alive today, and he had to go hang with a crew, he’s either going to the playwrights or to the performance poets,” says Eleveld. “In my head, it’s the performance poets. They take a hit in academic circles, but they’re closer to Homer than people realize.”

That’s the argument running through a documentary by…

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Translation, or how to say what that other person meant

the dancing professor

Y’all, it’s my last week of summer! I have a day of training on Friday, a work event on Sunday afternoon, that freshmen workshop on Monday — and my first classes on Thursday, a week and a half from now! I didn’t get nearly as much done as I hoped this summer, but it was my first summer as a ‘real professor,’ so I’m not gonna get all angsty about it. I did realize that there’s another class I want to teach in this program, which means I’m not quite ready for this to be last year in this program anyway, so next summer could very well be a quite settled and productive one.

But I can’t believe I’m already talking about next summer, that’s ridiculous. Let’s rein in the focus a bit. I got my presentation for the workshop pretty much together – it’s a nice prezi one, with…

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Asatru / Heathen Reading Material.

The following texts are what I consider to be excellent material on Asatru/Heathenry, for both the newbie and the knowledgeable – without delving into New-Age Authors (Like Edred Thorsson/Stephen Flowers, Diana Paxson etc.) or white-power / fascist (too many to mention) reading.

Start with the smaller texts and then work your way to the more challenging reading.
If there is no link to download the text for free, the ISBN number will be provided.

The most important ones (I think) have been marked with nine stars like such; * * * * * * * * *

Fully coloured Picturestone with Runes.

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