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The Value of Fairy Tales

Son of Hel

So, new movie coming out in November called Rise of the Guardians.

As R put it, finally, an original movie! I’m siding with those who basically call it “Avengers for Kids,” but I still think it looks pretty damn awesome. After all, it has a tattooed Russian Santa. Who dual wields sabers or something!

But it does raise some interesting stuff. We really don’t tell our fairy tales much anymore. I mean, I grew up with them, to a certain extent, but not the full set out there. Most kids have seen the Disney stuff, but beyond that they don’t really know the rest of them. And when it gets to the current crop of upcoming youngsters, well, who has need of fairy tales. Parents plop them down with TV and video games, and never pass on the tales of our ancestors. Which means they are shortly to be lost.

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