The Inclution of Good and Evil into the Norse world View Through Christian Influence

heathen Theory

Let me start by clearly expressing my general views on Norse cosmology.  I am neither Asatru, nor Rokkatru.  I’m not even Vanatru, quite simply I am Heathen.  I believe that all gods of the three races are just that, gods.  And I am a mortal.  A creation of my gods, and it is not for me to judge them.  The more I have studied and immersed myself in this religion the more I’ve felt that to pick an chose which gods were “worthy” of my worship and respect  and which were found lacking is rather arrogant.  Now, that doesn’t mean I like all of the gods my religion has to offer, and it most certainly doesn’t mean that all of the gods have my best interests at heart.  But whether or not I love a god, it is my responsibility to respect and learn from them.  And regardless of how…

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Barefoot Anthropology

One of the things I really like about writing this blog is the quality of the comments I get in return. Even though I’ve been a bit sloppy with responding to them over the past couple of months – I’ve had a lot to do in terms of job and PhD applications – I’ve really appreciated the profound and sometimes personal comments people have been willing to make on what I’ve written. It’s also been interesting to see the range of people reading my articles; both Christians and Pagans have had insightful things to say.

I used to be a Christian myself, and there is much about the faith I find wonderful. I see my movement away from Christianity less as a loss of faith, and more a broadening of it. Although I have no problem believing that Jesus Christ was divine, I don’t believe he was anything special in…

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VRAE EN ANTWOORDE: Wat is Asetrou / Heidenisme in elk geval?

Wat is Asetrou / Heidenisme in elk geval?  Is ‘n Heiden nie ‘n goddelose barbaar nie?

Heiden, beteken nie “goddeloos” soos was ons ou onderwysers altyd vir ons geleer het nie, en is afkomstig van die ou Engelse term hæðen – beteken “’n nie-Christelike/Joodse mens”. Histories was die term beïnvloed deur die Gotiese haiþi; “wonend op heinde en verre”. Dit word ook voorgestel dat die Gotiese haiþi nie total verwant is aan “heide” nie, maar eerder ‘n leenwoord is van die Armeense hethanos, self afkomstig uit die Griekse; ἔθνος (ethnos). Ongelukkig is die betekenis so verdraai en oorgedra om oor die algemeen ge-interpriteer te word as ‘n “goddelose barbaar”.

Asatru (letterlik “geloof in die gode”) of te wel; Asetrou is ‘n moderne herlewing van die geloof wat die Germaanse stamme van Noord-en Sentraal-Europa beoefen het. Die geloofstelsel wat hul beoefen het voordat hulle gedwonge tot die Christendom bekeer het.

Ons gebruik die woord “heiden” met die doel om ons te onderskei van meer hoofstroom “pagans” wat op die New Age trein gespring het. As heidene fokus ons meer op die historiese werklikheid as op ‘n moderne fantasie waaraan ander “pagan” gelowe vasklou. Die terme, Asatru / Odinisme/ Wotanisme / Forn Sidh / Germanische Heidentum – is almal intrinsiek verskillend, maar vir die doel van hierdie berug, deel hul genoeg ooreenkomste met mekaar om saam onder een dekmantel bespreek te word.

Die Wilde Jag

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An Open Letter to FH Havinga of ASERAC August 13, 2012 | BRONWYN KATZKE.

Religion is a tricky subject no matter how you try to tackle it. As I have previously mentioned, our country’s constitution protects each and every citizen’s right to freedom of religion and opinion. However there is a fine line between expressing your beliefs and encroaching on the beliefs of others; which is something you do with reckless abandon. Specifically I refer to an interview you gave for an article titled Occult and Satanic practices ‘on the increase’ (, Benoni News, 30July 2012). If you continue to peddle your lies, then you will continue to indirectly harm an entire community of people. How would you feel if there was a Pagan organization that actively and publicly sought to spread lies about Christianity? You would be hurt, outraged even- so stop doing it to us. 

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