Weapons of the Second Boer War

Kieran McMullen

Many say that the Second Boer War was the first of the modern era. They will site the use of magazine rifles, the machine gun and trenches. Unfortunately that is not quite true. The Spanish American War of 1898 precedes the events of the Boer War by more than a year. Trench warfare in some form has been around since man started beating each other with stones. The machine gun can be debated as far back as the American Civil War depending on your definition. Dr. Gatling was making a machine to make war so terrible we would stop (like that’s going to work!). One turn of the crank handle would send multiple rounds downrange from a number of the Gatling Gun’s multiple barrels. One can say it was a machine gun. However, the common definition requires a single pull of the trigger to send multiple rounds down range from…

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The Queen and The Boer President

I Are a Dutchman

Looking around for traces of Afrikanerdom in Dutch society I stumbled upon an interesting trend in Dutch cities. Quite a number of them have a neighbourhood that carry Afrikaner street-names and are generally called Transvaalbuurt/Transvaalkwartier. It’s rather amusing to find a Paul Kruger Street in Amsterdam, and even a Spionkopstraat in Haarlem, but when you look at the history and support given to the Boere during the Second Boer War, it becomes more understandable.

After the annexing of the Cape Colony by the British, there were already some blistered feelings between the Dutch and British. This was also just after the rise of Napoleon, with the Netherlands under control of France. The general discontent with British rule in the Cape was felt by both the Dutch and the Afrikaner who, through a great exodus called the Groot Trek, eventually established the independent Afrikaner Republics of the Transvaalthe…

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