Some Questions Arise

Last weekend, I attended my first ever Swordfish conference. It was an overwhelming (and overwhelmingly positive) experience, and one about which I am compelled to share my thoughts, however mundane they might be. I am writing, I suspect, primarily for my own benefit, but nonetheless I thought that the wider community might find something worth reading here – a new or different perspective, I hope, and an attempt to put into words the meaning and purpose of an event like Swordfish as seen by a newcomer to this community.

I’ll start with a little background – I moved to London from Brisbane, Australia at the end of 2011. Suffice it to say that, yes, Australia does have an active (and growing) HEMA population, but one that is tiny in comparison to Europe and the US, and one facing the uniquely Australian challenge of trying to community-build across small populations separated…

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