Two ways of throwing the Zwerch

Grauenwolf's Study of Western Martial Arts

It has occurred to me that there are two ways to throw a Zwerch from Zornhut. The first is a simple short edge cut that travels horizontally from start to finish.

The second option begins life as a Zornhau that transforms into Zwerch with a bit of a snap. When coming from vom Tag this is the action that I usually use.

I like the second version because…

  • It delays the decision point
  • It works from both guards
  • I feel as though I have metal between me and my opponent’s blade sooner.

Research Topics

  1. Which version strikes faster?
  2. Which version strikes harder?
  3. Which version forms a defense sooner?
  4. Which version forms a stronger defense against each of the primary attacks?

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