The Dogs of War — A Short History of Canines in Combat

Military History Now

A new monument commemorating the sacrifices of some very special warriors will be dedicated in California in the New Year. The memorial won’t honour soldiers, sailors, fliers or even the Coast Guard however. Instead it will pay tribute to the tens of thousands of dogs that have served the United States military since World War Two. According to a recent article in the Kansas newspaper The Wichita Eagle, the nine-foot tall bronze and granite statue will be officially dubbed the U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first memorial commemorating America’s ‘dogs of war’. Already markers to patriotic pooches adorn such places as March Air Force Base in Los Angeles; Bristol, Pennsylvania, the U.S. naval base on Guam and Fort Benning Georgia. The difference is that this latest tribute will be the first-ever national monument devoted to dogs.

Dogs at War – No New Trick

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