Revisiting Meyer’s Ochs

Grauenwolf's Study of Western Martial Arts

Having seen that subtle differences can change the compass of cuts one can throw from a guard, it is time to look at Ochs again.

Notice how Meyer’s ochs doesn’t sit with the flat upwards. Rather, it has the long edge angled upwards. Using this variant I can throw any cut from A thru D from the right guard with what feels to me as a more fluid action. (Your results may vary.)

It also gives me the ability to catch the enemies blade with the edge rather than the flat. This has three advantages:

  • The bade is wider edge-to-edge than flat-to-flat, which means it pushes his blade further away from my knuckles.
  • It offers me the ability to trap the opponent’s blade between my strong and my quillon.
  • If I had a shield (the part of the blade that looks like an inverted triangle) this would bring it into…

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