Vampire burial discovered in England

Letter From Britain

A new look at old papers has revealed there could be a vampire buried in an English minster town.

The burial, in Southwell, Nottinghamshire – thought to be from around 500-700AD – is extremely unusual, because the corpse was buried with metal spikes through its heart, shoulders and ankles.

Its existence has come to light thanks to a new report by Matthew Beresford, of Southwell Archaeology, who reviewed the work of archaeologist Charles Daniels which was carried out in Church Street, Southwell, in 1959.

Whilst Mr Daniels was able to trace and record the grave, he was not able to move the body.

It is thought this was the way of dealing with ‘deviants’ or people who were feared, because it was generally believed people could come back from the dead.

John Lock, chairman of Southwell Archaeology, told the Telegraph: “A lot of people are interested in it but…

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