Omdat het Vandaag de Laatste Dag is…; An Interview with Osewoudt

Heathen Harvest

Written by Sage.

Osewoudt is one of the most remarkable new projects to come out of a European neofolk scene that is currently thirsting for new blood, and to go along with that, they are an important shining beacon in an otherwise currently bleak Dutch music underground.  On top of recently releasing their well-received debut through Germany’s Lichterklang, they have been turning some heads through recent live appearances with the iconic Ian Read of Fire + Ice.  Though their career is still in its infancy, the future remains bright for the band as an intelligent project full of depth from many minds in a scene whose artists are typically of the one-man or duo variety.  Read on for more on this promising project…

Heathen Harvest: Hello Hans, Dave & friends, and thank you for accepting this interview! In my review of “Gelag van Zwartgeklede Kraaien”, I had mentioned that…

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