Californians: Vote YES on Proposition 37, require labeling for GMOs

True Strange Library just over a week, Californians will go to the polls on an issue that will affect every American — the right to know what’s in our food.  Wherever you live, we need YOUR help to get genetically engineered foods labeled!

For too many years, millions of Americans have been unknowingly eating genetically engineered foods, even though these foods are labeled in dozens of other countries.  But Proposition 37 will require genetically engineered foods to be labeled when sold in California.  Because of the centralized distribution methods of many food manufacturers, the effects will be felt throughout the country.

This is a watershed moment in the fight against GMOs.  But we need your help!

Monsanto, DuPont, and other Biotech and Agribusiness giants are spending over $1 million per day on TV and radio ads that are turning Californians against Prop 37 based on lies and half-truths.  It’s vital that we…

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