Eureka Moments — Seven Everyday Inventions That Came From Warfare

Military History Now

Warfare has always driven invention. Various technological breakthroughs have come as a result of humanity’s need to dominate the battlefield. The crossbow, siege engines, automatic weapons, submarines, radar, guided missiles and cannons capable of firing longer and longer ranges are all good examples. Interestingly enough, war has given the world more than just weaponry. Consider the following array of peacetime products, ideas and amenities that civilians now use on a daily basis, all of which were pioneered during the major wars of the past 200 years.

The now ubiquitous disposable facial tissues we call Kleenex were first introduced not for nose blowing, but as cheap paper-based liners for gas mask filters during the First World War. Originally called Cheesecloth UGG, the tissues replaced the fabric used inside wartime respirators when cotton was needed more for bandages and field dressings. Following the war, The Kimberly Clark Corporation got its hands…

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