Penton » The Other Side of Sensationalism

The Other Side of Sensationalism
October 15, 2012 | BRONWYN KATZKE.

Satanists! The new boogeyman in a post-1994 South Africa.

According to alleged ‘occult experts’ there are currently 80000 Satanists in South Africa; and these are not of the LaVeyan, Luciferanism or Theistic variety. No, the media and SAPS have been led to believe that there are tens of thousands of supposed ‘Satanists’ sacrificing women, children and babies every month while meditating to Judas Priest and blaspheming at every possible opportunity.

What’s worse is they allow this belief to infect SAPS investigations and media reports.

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Penton » The Other Side of Sensationalism.



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