Girard Thibault – Chapter 1, Footwork Diagram

Grauenwolf's Study of Western Martial Arts

Thibault’s footwork diagram can be found beneath the feet of nearly every fencer in his many drawings. The radius of the circle is the same length as the sword when measured from the quillons to the point. This is also the distance from the to the ground when standing upright. The foot line, marked in red, is length of the foot.

Footwork Diagram

Based on what I’ve read thus far in the text, the following terminology is going to be used when describing footwork.

CX: Diameter
OO, NN: Perpendicular  Diameter
GS: Oblique Diameter
CW, XD: Interior Collaterals
GT, SF: Outer Collaterals or simple Collaterals
NT, NF: Inner Transverses
WS, DG: Outer Transverses
AOZO: Circumscribed Square
AO: Side of Circumscribed Square
CDFN Center: Quadrant of the Circle
CNXN: Inscribed Square
CN: Side of Inscribed Square
ABCB: Quadrangle
CA: Extended Diameter
BB: Diagonal of the Quadrangle

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