Marozzo’s Sword and Buckler – Assault 1 Part 4a, Annotated

Grauenwolf's Study of Western Martial Arts

I am skipping the footwork diagrams for this section. The exact footwork you are going to be using really depends on what you opponent is doing. Instead of thinking in terms of exact footwork, just think forward, backwards, to his left, or two his right.

As you pull back your right foot, turn over the sword so that the point is forward. This is necessary for the next action.

Note that Marozzo says “face”. Don’t aim for the chest, it will weaken your own defense. Don’t thrust to the side of the head, it will tie up your sword and make the next action difficult. There is an assumption here that he will parry.

This action should elicit a parry of some sort. Use the momentum of the parry to perform the disengage and subsequent false edge strike. As you do this, make sure you bring up your buckler to…

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