Interesting quotes involving the Norse god Odin

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“He [Gylfi] saw three thrones one above the other, and there were three men, one sitting in each.  Then he asked what the name of the ruler was.  The man who had brought him in replied that the one that sat in the lowest throne was king and was called High, next to him the one called Just-as-high, and the one sitting at the top was called Third [these three names happen to be different names for Odin suggesting that the three men were, in fact, Odin himself].”

Gangleri:  “Who is the highest and most ancient of all gods?”  High said:  “He is called All-father in our language, but in Old Asgard he had twelve names:

  1. All-father
  2. Herran or Herian
  3. Nikar or Hnikar
  4. Nikuz or Hnikud
  5. Fiolnir
  6. Oski
  7. Omi
  8. Biflidi or Biflindi
  9. Svidar
  10. Svidrir
  11. Vidrir
  12. Ialg or Ialk”

Gangleri:  “Where is this god, what power has he…

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