Camillo Agrippa – Chapter 5, A Different Kind of Seconda

Grauenwolf's Study of Western Martial Arts

If you were like me, you were taught that second refers to the rotation of the hand. If the true edge is upwards you are in prima. If it is to the right, you are in seconda. But that’s not what Agrippa taught. Seconda refers to the height of the arm.


Agrippa acknowledges that the term also refers to postures where the feet may be wide or medium and the arm may be pulled back, but this is what he prefers for seconda.

Purpose and Uses

Like prima, this guard cannot be attacked on the outside with the false edge. The opponent may attempt to attack on the inside with the true edge, but this forces his arm into a crescent shape and thus expose his chest, shoulder, and right knee.

This guard allows for quick attacks. Using careful timing, one can thrust in third or fourth using…

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