Star Wars – 30 Celebrities and What They Did in Wartime

Military History Now

It was the night of Sept. 23, 1942. A flight of RAF Halifax bombers from No. 76 squadron had just raided a German harbour facility on the Baltic Sea. Sometime during the mission one of the British bombers was struck by a burst of enemy flak. Critically damaged and losing altitude, the four-engine aircraft skidded into the North Sea. Only three of the plane’s crew survived the crash. The dazed fliers were plucked from the drink by the Germans and sent to a POW camp in Selesia where they would spend the rest of the war. One of the crew from the doomed Halifax, a 20-year-old radio operator, passed the many months in Stalag VIII B performing Shakespeare plays for his fellow inmates. In fact, the young sergeant discovered he had a flare for the dramatics. He continued acting in the camp and even pursued his new found passion after…

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