With a heavy heart I must say good bye

Grauenwolf's Study of Western Martial Arts

With a heavy heart I must say good bye,
To my old friend who laughed and lied.

My companion was tall and proud,
Tap his should and he would sing out loud.

He deviated neither left nor right,
There was no hint of a curve in sight.

Tonight I presented him with a brass plate,
But it seems my timing was too late.

For five short minutes we played with his new toy,
Then is was time to say so long old boy.

For ten long years we roamed the fields,
Now I stand above and he below.



I know I was long overdue for a new blade, but I’m still sorry to see it go. Especially since I literally just finished adding that etched plate to cut down on the vibrations and better protect my hand. The plate is too shiny to photograph with my cheap camera, but…

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