One comment on “Using Native American Sites for Worship

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    I’ve been meaning to write more posts on this subject, but for now, I’ll just add what it came to mind, and from someone that has a big influence over my spiritual life.


    […]Our ancestors, through thousands of years of experience, by thousands of different people, came to understand [the Gods] pretty well, and we therefore should rely pretty heavily on the records our ancestors left us.[…]

    […]As the Indo-Europeans migrated, they would naturally absorb local agricultural religion, leaving their previous agricultural cults behind. This is because the fertility of the land is connected with the spiritual inhabitants of the land. It behooves us to make friends with the local fertility deities. Trying to impose our own on the land may offend both sets of beings. Under this interpretation, the lack of knowledge about Proto-Indo-European cults shows a great respect for the deities of fertility, not a lack of it.[…]

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