Practice Notes – Master Cuts are not Belly High

Grauenwolf's Study of Western Martial Arts

My experiments with the center vom Tag turnout out better than expected. Look at these images of the master cuts, they are all aiming for the head.




When using vom Tag on the right, my target was the chest or even the belly. And correspondingly, my defense was weak and my hands were often struck.

Last night I played predominately with center vom Tag and all of my attacks landed high with many, many clean head shots. Even the bane of my existence, the Schielhauw or squinting strike, just worked without any thought or effort.

I’m sure that once I’ve grown accustomed to using these strikes from vom Tag in the center I’ll start throwing them correctly from other guards as well. But until they are fully engrained in my muscle memory (or my practice partners learn to use Alber correctly) I’m sticking with this guard.

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