Ahead of Their Time — Early Attempts at Modern Weaponry

Military History Now

Jan Zizka, a 15th century Czech military leader who led a rebellion against the powerful Catholic Church, was a brilliant commander in spite of being totally blind. Even with this considerable handicap, Zizka did have the vision to foresee the invention of the tank 500 years before the advent of modern armoured warfare. As reported previously on this very blog, as far back as the 1420s, Zizka came up with the idea of mounting archers, arquebuses and even cannons on armoured horse-drawn carts and rolling them into battle. He called his contraptions “wagon forts”. [1] Zizka wasn’t the only one from the distant pass to envision the weapons systems of modern times. There have been a number of military innovators throughout history who developed early versions of some of the more revolutionary fighting machines of today. Here are a few of these remarkable inventions.

Bombs Away
History records the…

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