Explosive blast from the past: A bomb in Munich

eats shoots 'n leaves

War, the gift that keeps on giving. . .

Construction workers in Munich’s Schwabing district [where Hitler hung out as a street artist after his arrival in Germany] uncovered a fat World War II souvenir, an unexploded bomb dropped by the Allies during one of the massive air raids on the Bavarian capital.

Unable to defuse it, officials took the only way out: They blew it up last night, resulting in some spectacular pyrotechnics and lots of broken windows.

From the London Telegraph:

A closer view from Bild:

Another view from OmniaVideo, featuring a lot of cheering at the end.

For our German speaking readers, this video has views of some of the resulting damage and interviews with residents and business owners.

The story from Spiegel, which also has a photo gallery:

Unable to defuse a 250 kilogram (550 pound) bomb found buried one meter (three…

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