Misuse of the Word “Medieval” Part 8: The Crusades, Part 2

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What Happened to Conquered Peoples?

The population of the Holy Land was not exclusively Muslim—it was quite varied and included Christians. After 1110, the most common model for life in lands conquered by Christians is one of coexistence. [1] Pernoud notes that the Muslims living under Christian rule “benefitted from a principle peculiar to the mental attitude of the time—that each individual should be judged according to the laws of the social group to which he belonged.” [2] This means that if a Muslim was accused of a crime, he was judged not according to the laws of the conquerors he lived under, but according to the laws of his homeland.

The Spanish Muslim pilgrim Ibn Jubayr, who was hostile to the Franks, admitted that the taxes imposed on Muslim farmers was far from excessive and was, in fact…

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