Svalbard – Der Letzte Blick Zurück

Heathen Harvest

When the Belorussian project Svalbard started out as a solo endeavor six years ago in 2006, his music was described as a style of neoclassic dark ambiance that can be heard in the backbone of the military pop compositions that he continues to create today — leading one to believe that his earlier material could have perhaps found a home with the likes of Waerlogha and Quartier23 where artists like Hoyland, Aardia, and Uruk-hai are welcome with their epic / fantasy themes and sound.  None of these tracks appear to have ever reached the light of day, however, as from the beginning of his career with “Treue Vaterland Jugend” on Der Angriff / Indiestate Distribution, the man behind the music in Vicheslav Shenderovich has been creating a martial folk sound that is heavy on pop sensibilities with the help of the addition of member [K.S.].  That release came in 2009…

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