Heathen Harvest “Samhainwork I” album available soon + October Obituaries

Heathen Harvest

Nigh on twelve months since our first release and once more the nights are lengthening, the spirits are stirring and the dark half of the year beckons.

After the popularity and interest in our Samhain and Walpurgisnacht Samplers, Heathen Harvest presents another release from the post-industrial underground. But this time round we have given it a slightly different twist. This turn of the wheel, in respect and reverence for this vital time of the year, our Samhain dedication will feature EXCLUSIVELY all-new material. We have been working with a variety of well-known artists across the underground spectrum, producing content especially for this offering. This will be a completely new release with its own identity, its own essence and its own consciousness.

In addition to this musical marvel produced in awe of this most important annual occasion, Heathen Harvest will be publishing a multi-part serial of obituaries from the 1st October…

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