Der Tod Und Das Mädchen – D=Moll

Heathen Harvest

When French poet Charles Baudelaire met his excruciatingly drawn out and tragic end in 1867 — though he was largely at peace in the 7-8 years prior to the stroke that put his soul on notice of its imminent departure — he couldn’t have imagined that his works would go on to influence modern French and English literature in such a strong fashion that they would, a century and a half later, also influence the intellectually melancholic music of a project like Der Tod und das Mädchen; a project comprising of a duo of German musicians whom derive their name from the piano & vocal composition of the same name by Franz Schubert and Matthias Claudius.  He is, of course, not the only writer (or musician) to influence and even have his or her writing sung and performed on this album, but there is something about Baudelaire’s character specifically that…

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