Sagenhaft – A Long Forgotten Legend

Heathen Harvest

Myth and legend lives on in this 21st-century, hard to capture, yet rewarding and inspirational . Maybe it is the aura of heroism, the adventure, or the resemblance we sometimes see in ourselves and those characters living stories we will never experience. The project Sagenhaft is about all those things, captured into dreamy ambient, reaching towards epic proportions. Gianluca Martucci, standing behind it all, also releases music under the names Il Prato Dei Desideri and Urna. On his blog he describes Sagenhaft as “my old project of symphonic/medieval/esoteric music”. Old or not, compared to much else aiming for the same epic feeling Sagenhaft is minimalistic, but in a way that takes away little of the sentiment, leaving a mystic tale, told quietly.

“A Long Forgotten Legend” is divided into two parts, the first one consisting of old unreleased songs, while the second is made up by the previous cassette release “Lapideus…

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