The Inclution of Good and Evil into the Norse world View Through Christian Influence

heathen Theory

Let me start by clearly expressing my general views on Norse cosmology.  I am neither Asatru, nor Rokkatru.  I’m not even Vanatru, quite simply I am Heathen.  I believe that all gods of the three races are just that, gods.  And I am a mortal.  A creation of my gods, and it is not for me to judge them.  The more I have studied and immersed myself in this religion the more I’ve felt that to pick an chose which gods were “worthy” of my worship and respect  and which were found lacking is rather arrogant.  Now, that doesn’t mean I like all of the gods my religion has to offer, and it most certainly doesn’t mean that all of the gods have my best interests at heart.  But whether or not I love a god, it is my responsibility to respect and learn from them.  And regardless of how…

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