Once and for all, what is a Blue Moon?

You're History!

We’ve been hearing more and more about blue moons during the past few years, and I, like many people came to believe that, if there are two full moon during any given month, the second is a blue moon. Well, come to find out, that’s not true. Yesterday I came across an article on the Massachusetts Audobon Society blog, that explains the entire phenomenon. Why am I posting this science topic on a history blog? Because the author of the article in question, John Galluzzo,  has included key historical information about how the term “blue moon” came into such common usage.

But Galluzzo did not indicate why this special moon is designated as blue. According to Wikipedia, the earliest recorded English usage of the term  was in a 1524 pamphlet: “If they say the moon is belewe / We must believe that it is true”. Belewe? The word in Middle…

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