Amber Asylum – Live In Wroclaw

Heathen Harvest

Amber Asylum has been active since the mid 1990s with the consistent member being the multi instrumentalist and vocalist Kris Force. Force has collaborated with a number of artists including Jarboe and Lung Leg over the years. There have been six previous Amber Asylum albums, an ep, two singles and this beautifully presented live album, recorded 11/11/11/ at the Wroclaw Industrial Festival. It features two new tracks; Perfect Calm and Your Executioner and a cover of the 1999 Candlemass track Tot. The line up for this recording was Kris Force, Leila Abdul- Rauf (Memento Mori, Bastard Noise) and Sarah Rosalena Brady.

Things open up with Perfect Calm, sounds work slowly with a slow guitar, viola and Ethereal Vocal style. There is an immediate air of Twin Peaks that surrounds the track which is at once fragile and powerful. Guitar and Viola are combined and to make a perfect combination; the vocal lines are woven into this combination perfectly. Things…

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