Thyra Danebod

Thyra Dane

My author name, Thyra Dane, comes from Thyra Danebod, who is one of my main historical heroes. I suppose she`s my hero because she is one of few women mentioned by name in the Viking age.

We know she existed because her husband, King Gorm the Old, made a rune stone with her name on it and later her son Harald Bluetooth (yes, the Bluetooth technology was named after him) made a rune stone for both Queen Thyra and King Gorm.

The latter rune stone is often considered Denmark`s birth certificate because it explains that Gorm the Old was the one to bring all the different parts of Denmark into one country. This was between 960 and 985.

Was she from Wessex?

We can assume that Thyra Danebod was born in the early 900s. We know little of her origin but the Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus (aprox. 1150 – 1220)…

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