Moon Far Away – Minnesang

Heathen Harvest

Considering the interest that seems to have been generated by my last article on Russia’s revered neofolk duo Ritual Front, it seemed like the ideal time to tackle one of dark folk’s other extremely talented East European artists in Moon Far Away. Though they exist in a completely different style of neofolk than Ritual Front and have much in common with the worlds of experimental, ambient, electronic and dark pop music, Moon Far Away has been largely celebrated amongst primarily neofolk and neoclassical audiences during their nearly two decade-long career.  Undoubtedly, they have come to be known as one of Russia’s most beloved folk projects within their own country in the past decade, and have become an exceptional aural diplomat to the Western World for East European neofolk in that time as well though it seems that they’ve let their music do most of the talking rather than speaking on…

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