Asatru / Heathen Reading Material.

The following texts are what I consider to be excellent material on Asatru/Heathenry, for both the newbie and the knowledgeable – without delving into New-Age Authors (Like Edred Thorsson/Stephen Flowers, Diana Paxson etc.) or white-power / fascist (too many to mention) reading.

Start with the smaller texts and then work your way to the more challenging reading.
If there is no link to download the text for free, the ISBN number will be provided.

The most important ones (I think) have been marked with nine stars like such; * * * * * * * * *

Fully coloured Picturestone with Runes.

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My first post!

I am a South African Heathen (Asatru / Norse/Germanic pagan) – Neither folkish (ultra-exclusive) nor universalist (ultra-inclusive) heathen – our honour lies in our words and deeds.
Afrikaner of German, French and Irish stock and a Farmer (Boer) by trade.
I work tirelessly for the benefit and furthering of my kinsmen and kinswomen and for the furthering of heathenry in South Africa.

All the ramblings and posts here are to be considered my own and should not be seen as representative of any social groups that I associate with.  Any images or video’s posted are done with the sole purpose of education in mind, and not for any financial benefit.

You can find me at; (Facebook group for Johannesburg Heathen & Germanic Studies). (Facebook group for SüdAnbruch Kindred – Heathen / Asatru kindred based in and around Johannesburg that I am a proud member of). (My blogs on Asatru, Heathenry and Life at Penton Magazine). (Heathen/Asatru forum for all but especially South Africans).

Heil U, Wotan!
Heil U, Gangleri!
Heil U, wyse wensvader!
Skenk my wysheid en insig,
En heldere gees in my werk.

Heil U, Dag!
Heil U, seuns van Dag!
Heil Nag en haar susters!
Blik U goedgunstig neer op my,
Geef die in-sittende oorwinning.

Heil Gode!
Heil Godinne al!
Heil vrugdraende veld!
Skenk my beide spraak en verstand,
En hande met helende krag.

Heil U, Donar!
Heil U, verslaner van Jotnarr!
Heil U, meester van die maler; Mjöllnir!
Skenk my mag en moed,
Opdat ek my dade kan deursien.

Heil U, Freija!
Heil U, vrou van liefde!
Heil U, draer van Brisangamen!
Aan ons almal skenk ‘n ope hart,
En oe om liefde mee te sien.

Heil U, Nornen!
Heil U, dogters van Wyrd!
Heil U, Urd, Verdande en Skuld!
Met woord en daad spin ek nuwe drade,
Neem hierdie drade op, en weef jul my lot!

Heil U, Wotan!
Heil U, Doods-meester!
Heil U, Runen-ritser!
Maak helder die lae van my lot,
Wys aan my die wendinge van Wyrd!

– My interpretation of the Merseburg Incantation.

– Karl